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Mission Statement

The Missouri Association for Jazz Education exists to support the efforts of jazz educators in Missouri, and to promote jazz education in school music programs as well as the jazz community at large. 

To that end, the Missouri Association for Jazz Education will:

  • Provide the means and structure to conduct the Missouri All State Jazz Ensemble, and support the related All District Jazz Ensembles;
  • Encourage and provide educational opportunities for students, teachers, enthusiasts, and the community through clinics, camps, and appropriate materials;
  • Provide opportunities to perform jazz, and to hear live jazz;
  • Encourage increased awareness of jazz education through communication to members, publicity, and recognition of outstanding accomplishments in jazz education;
  • Support outreach programs designed to engage the music industry, support community efforts to promote jazz, and encourage continuing education and performance in jazz for adults and others.


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Past Presidents

MOAJE Past Presidents

Thank you for your service.


Steve Lenhert, 1973

Rich Stockton, 1974

Roger Cody, 1975

Bob Holden, 1976-78

Don Vern Joseph, 1978-80

Ron Stilwell, 1980-82

Roger Cody, 1982-86

Craig Buck, 1986-89

Jeff Lemke, 1989-90

Bob Spiegelman, 1990-93

Chris Becker, 1993-96

Mike Parkinson, 1996-99

John Brophy, 1999-01

Terry Martinez, 2001-03

John Hahn, 2003-05 

Stan Minor, 2005-07            

Tim AuBuchon, 2007-09          

Bob Long, 2009-11


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Outstanding Jazz Educator Award


The Outstanding Jazz Educator Award

Formerly the Jess Cole Award, the MOAJE   Outstanding Jazz Educator Award is presented annually at the Missouri Music Educators Association Conference as part of the All-State Jazz Ensemble concert.

This award is presented to an individual for their outstanding contributions to jazz education by the Executive Board of the Missouri Association  for Jazz Education.


Past Recipients

Arch Martin, 1976

Don Vern Joseph, 1977

Jerry Hoover, 1978

Dennis McBride, 1979

Carrol Lewis, 1980

Roger Cody, 1982

Ron Stilwell, 1983

Frank Haspiel, 1985

John Brophy, 1986

Jim Widner, 1990

Craig Buck, 1991

Charlie Meneese, 1992

Mary Lightfoot, 1994

Gerry McCollum, 1995

Steve Lenhert, 1996

Terry Boone, 1998

Warren Durrett, 1999

Charles Loeber, 2000

Paul Smith, 2001

Bob Drummond, 2002

Leon Bradley, 2003

Bob Waggoner, 2004

Mike Parkinson, 2005

King Shollenberger, 2006

Bob Scott, 2007

Bob Boedges, 2008

Garry Anders, 2009

Ron Anson, 2010

David Aaberg, 2011

Gary Brandes, 2012

Larry Bennett, 2013

Robert "Bob" Meeks, 2014

Dan Schunks, 2015

Paul DeMarinas, 2016

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