All-State Set 1

The 2016 All-State Jazz Audition etudes are now up.  Download the parts below.   In addition to the Swing and Latin etudes, auditions will also include "The Preacher" from Approaching the Standards, vol. 1 and "Kenny'll Make It" from Blues in All Keys, vol. 42.

No scales are required.

"The Preacher" and "Kenny'll Make It"

Winds will be required to play the melody and improvise a minimum of one chorus on "The Preacher" and "Kenny'll Make It". 

Piano, Guitar, Vibes, and Bass will play the melody first time, comp or walk second time, and improvise third time on "The Preacher" and "Kenny'll Make It". 

MOAJE ETUDES; "Swing" and "Latin"

Winds should perform the "Swing" and "Latin" etudes with the rhythm section MP3 accompaniment. 

Rhythm section instruments should be prepared to perform with MP3 accompaniment with their track muted on the recording.

During the All-State Audition call-backs, rhythm section instruments will play as a rhythm section with other call back performers.

Drums should be able to demonstrate a variety of styles, including Samba, Bossa, Waltz, and Funk as demonstrated in this PDF file.


Swing Etude Latin Etude
Alto Saxophone  
Tenor Saxophone  
Baritone Saxophone  
Bass Trombone  


Complete Set of PDFs  Complete Set of PDFs
Complete Set of MP3s   Complete Set of MP3s


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